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ARTIST: Red Elvises

#Album title Tracks download
1Bedroom Boogie10 mp3sdownload album
2Better Than Sex11 mp3sdownload album
3Grooving To The Moscow Beat14 mp3sdownload album
4Lunatics & Poets13 mp3sdownload album
5Rokenrol13 mp3sdownload album
6Russian Bellydance(In Russian)13 mp3sdownload album
7Shake Your Pelvis14 mp3sdownload album
8Surfing In Siberia13 mp3sdownload album
9Welcome To The Freakshow9 mp3sdownload album

Best mp3 songs
1Magister Dixit - The Burning Enddownload mp3
2Nickelback - I Don't Havedownload mp3
3Shivaree - Daring Lousy Guydownload mp3
4Nemesea - Mortalitas part 1: The Takerdownload mp3
5At The Gates - Legion (Slaughterlord cover)download mp3
6Falco - Junge Romerdownload mp3
7Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddondownload mp3
8Ministry Of Sound (CD series) - Touch Medownload mp3
9Green Day - 2000 Light Years Awaydownload mp3
10Bjork - Venus As A Boydownload mp3
11Coil - Bee Stingsdownload mp3
12O'Rourke, Miceal - Carnaval Op. 9 Scenes mignonnes sur quatre notes: Coquette, Vivodownload mp3
13Dickinson, Bruce - Ballad Of Muttdownload mp3
14Death Follows Daybreak - Viewing The Graphical User Interface Of Your Life And Clicking Exit Without Savedownload mp3
15Lustmord - A Light That Is Darknessdownload mp3

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